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  • UnrealFest24

    Last week, the team from Refactor attended UnrealFest24, organised by Epic Games. This two-day conference focused on the Unreal Engine development platform. While game development is not a core function of Refactor, many challenges faced in game development are relevant across various industries, including those of our clients. It was also a great opportunity for…

  • Confluence to WikiJS

    Over at Refactor we have a client using on-prem Atlassian Confluence which was prohibitively expensive to move to the cloud version (Atlassian sadly recently stopped supporting their en-prem server edition). After showing them WikiJS we were tasked with the challenge of getting all of their content from the existing system into a WikiJS server. Primary…

  • Welcome to Refactor RED

    Home to all the cool stuff that Refactor build for themselves. Full site coming soon!